Jan Willem is an adventurous musician playing classical, experimental music, tango, and electronic stuff. He is often involved in theatre and dance productions. For 6 years he played with Sexteto Canyengue of Carel Kraayenhof. The band existed for 30 years, specialized in Pugliese repertoire, tango nuevo and new compositions by Kraayenhof and Dobal.

Since 2009 he is an active member of Ensemble Modelo62, a group dedicated to the newest experimental classical music. They are regular guests at the main festivals for new music like Gaudeamus and November Music. Modelo62 toured countries like Mexico, Norway the UK and performed the premiere of the opera ‘El Limonero Real’ by Ezequiel Menalled in the CETC of Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Always looking for the newest challenges in live music, they are currently developing projects especially designed to reflect on the social distancing situation.

With Nine Volt Duo he is exploring the combination of cello and live electronics. Together with composer and electronic musician Henry Vega he recorded the music for the film ‘Reclaiming Vision by Dijkman en Johannessen, about underwater life in the Fjord under a microscope. Also they made music for the performance voorstelling ‘Entwine by Lukas Timulak for the Prague Chamber Ballet.

Jan Willem is one of the musicians in the music theatre performance ‘Beethoven Lost in Silence’ from Esther Apituley. That piece is focusing on how it feels to lose your hearing and during the show the music is translated into visuals.

In 2017 he accompanied the Dutch singer Anouk in the Ziggo Dome together with 3 colleagues. With pianist, actor and composer Roeland Drost he formed duo Troost & Drost. They performed their eclectic mix of classical, world music and new stuff in The Netherlands, Indonesia and Japan. He worked with theatre directors Tom de Ket, Arlon Luiten, Saskia Mees, Romain Bischoff, Jos Groenier, Jan-Eric Hulsman and with choreographers Samir Calixto, Lonneke van Leth, Eyas Al Mokdad and Marco Gerris from ISH.

Troost studied cello at the conservatories of Zwolle, Utrecht and Tilburg with Ran Varon, Maria Hol, Jeroen den Herder, Lenian Benjamins and Paul Uyterlinde. He graduated in 2006 at the Fontys Conservatorium in Tilburg.