My inspiration

Ezequiel Menalled

Ezequiel is a dear colleague and great friend who inspires me with his way of thinking about how we can experience music and life in so many ways. Together with Vasilis, we keep pushing the development of Ensemble Modelo62, a group dedicated to new experimental music. Besides being the artistic director of our ensemble, Ezequiel is a very interesting composer with a unique sound. Listen to it on his soundcloud.

Carel Kraayenhof

Carel has been a great inspiration during the 6 years we played together in his tango bands and still his dedication, precision and enthusiasm in Argentinean tango inspires me to always keep a bit of tango going in my music.

Roeland Drost

Roeland and me shared 13,5 years of our life together and he has always been a great example for me to make music with love and true emotions. His freedom in improvisation and his open minded musicianship gave me a bigger understanding of what music can be, especially as a medium to tell a story on it’s own.

Vasilis Stefanopoulos

Besides being a genius double bass player, Vasilis keeps me grounded with his practical solutions, detailed knowledge of Excel, beautiful and functional lay-outs and great observations. He is a humble and dedicated person and a pleasure to work with.

Vera van der Bie

Vera has been in my life for more than 20 years now, and she is a true soulmate, a fantastic violinist, composer and arranger. I love her free and very grounded spirit and she is my ultimate sparring partner about life issues and musical questions. She has a huge amount of knowledge about so many musical genres and has a great sense for the right working dynamic in a group.