You can learn how to play the most beautiful instrument on earth! I give classical cello lessons, but I also can teach you about playing other music styles as Argentinean Tango, Rock and Pop.

Take the introduction course of 3 short lessons for € 90,- to see if the cello is your instrument. For this mini-course you don’t need to bring an instrument.

If you want to take regular classes you can choose one hour or 45 minutes, which will cost you € 55,- (60 min) or € 45,- (45 min). For people under 21 these prices are € 45,- for one hour and € 35,- for 45 min. If you live from a minimum income, please contact me about discount prices. We’ll figure something out!

On tuesdays and wednesdays I teach at my studio at the DCR Building, next to Zaal 3 and the Electriciteitsfabriek where there is free parking available during the day. I do visit a few students in my neighbourhood for a lesson at home. Ask me about prices for that.

Renting an instrument

When you start playing the cello, I recommend renting a good instrument from a local luthier. You can find nice cello’s at Katharina Meierott and Tomoko Koizumi. Please do not buy a too-cheap-to-be-true instrument online, since a nice cello will give you much more enjoyment from the start.