Hello, welcome to my website

You can see me playing in a music theatre production, working with composers, choreographers, or performing authentic Argentinean tango. As a soloist I perform my own arrangements, soundscapes and compositions. I give workshops about effective practicing techniques, healthy use of the body and of course I give regular cello lessons. Besides performing and teaching I work as a freelance writer for funding applications.

Looking back at 2023

It has been quite a year! I made my solo debut at the Barcelona Queer Tango Festival, performed in the middle of the dancefloor in Brugge, celebrated 20 years of experimental music with Modelo62, learned to play a complete new instrument and received some wonderful news that will come out soon.

JW live @Tango Celebration Brugge
Modelo62 full line-up of the 20 years celebration festival @Paleiskerk Den Haag

Update fall 2022

Multisensorial interactive stuff with Ensemble Modelo62 – Check Three Degrees from Reality in my posts and agenda

Tango Club Night @ Cello BiĆ«nnale: A live Argentinean milonga in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ with a leading role for the cello. Free workshops by Natalia y Agustin and hours of dancing on live music!

Solo program with Antillian and Argentinean plus Bach!

Currently I am working on recording my first solo album, including the Antilliaanse Suite voor solo cello by Livio Hermans.

If you want to give someone a very special present, you can book a solo performance at their home. Contact me for more info.

Since the pandemic I put more of my time in developing projects. I work on my own stuff, but I also advice artists, musicians and organisations about fundraising. Feel free to contact me on this matter.

Nine Volt from Artek Foundation on Vimeo.